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Southern Italian: topographic name from medieval Greek madara, feminine of madaros ‘bald’, in Ancient Greek also ‘humid’, ‘wet’, or from a byname, Madaras, from the same word with the suffix -as.

- Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4
NICLAUS MATHERO MADORI was Wendy's emmigrant ancestor. Niclaus was born in January of 1720 in Zunzgen, Basel-Country Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Trimmler in 1743. Elizbeth was born in Brombach, Switzerland in 1726. They arrived in Philadelphia on September 28th, 1749 aboard the ship "ANN", with Captain Spurrier commanding. Accompanying them were their children Simon (b 1744, d 1809), Anna (b 1746, d 1783), Maria and Elizabeth (b 1748, d 1783). They stayed only briefly in Philadelphia before settling in Reading. They had one more child together, Jacob (b 1750, d 1800) before Elizabeth (assumedly) passed away. Niclaus later married Maria Elizabeth Wannemacher and together they had Casper (b 1755, d 1832), Michael (b 1756, d 1833), Christian (b 1757 d March 15, 1822), Nicholas (b 1779, d 1857)and Frederick (b. 1779, d. 1802) who were all born in Reading, PA.
CASPER MADERA was born on May 29, 1756 in Oley, Berks County, PA. He passed away in Reading, PA on February 1, 1832, but not before marrying Margaret Barbara Smith on October 14, 1778. With Margaret (b.1759) he fathered twelve children: Samuel (b 1784), Jacob, Michael, (unknown), Margaret Rebecca, Nicholas Casper, Johann Georg, Johannes, Anna, Jacob and Rebecca.
I found this in the National Archives, via, Revolutionary War Pensions, Pennsylvnia, M, Madera. If you are patient, you can download Casper's entire record here, though it is 40 pages long and 42.7 Mb in size! It's well worth the read. I love this part: Casper, in his own words, by his own hand, describing how he gaurded the Hessians:
Casper Madera describing how he guarded the Hessians.
Here is how the War Department described his service in a letter dating June 16, 1936:
A Letter to Mrs. J.C. Stovall, describing Casper Madera's service in the Revolutionary War.
I found this in the National Archives, via, US Pensioners, 1818-1872. It's a line item about Margaret, Casper's wife, receiving a pension for his service in the Revolutionary war.
Margaret Madera, wife of Casper Madera
This is is brother's gravestone: Christian Madera. Wendy and Danny visited the Charles Evans cemetary in Reading, and took the rest of these photos themselves.
Christian Madera's Gravestone Michael Madeira's Gravestone Rebecca Madeira's Gravestone Nicholas and Rebecca Madeira's Gravestones Mary Madeira's Gravestones Rebecca, wife of William S Madeira's Gravestones James S Madeira's Gravestones Kate Madeira's Gravestones Anna Elizabeth Madeira's Gravestones
SAMUEL MADERA was born on October 10, 1784. He married a woman by the name of Catharine Dietrich on August 25, 1805. They had 9 children before Samuel passed away on May 8, 1832. They were: Daniel, (b 1807), Juliana, (unknown), Emma, (unknown), Elizabeth, Catharina and Christina,
DANIEL MADERA was born in 1807. He married a woman named Elizabeth in 1810. Together, they had five children: Amos, Samuel, Quiren, Phinahas and Emma Elizabeth.
AMOS MADERA was born in 1832 in Reading, Pennsylvania. He married BARBARA KATZENMOYER, and the had three childen that we know of: Henry, Peter and WILLIAM ELSWORTH MADARA.

Amos Madera can be found in the 1860 Census. He is 28 years old at this time, and lists his occupation as Laborer. He lists two children at this time, but no wife. Henry is 3 years old at the time of the census, and Peter is 3 months.

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Samuel, Amos' brother, can also be found in the 1860 Census. He is reported to be 29 years old at this time and lists his occupation as Laborer. He lists his wife, Louisa (28) and children Mary (6), Daniel (4) and John (2).
WILLIAM ELSWORTH MADARA was born in 1866, and married Elizabeth P. Ziegenfuss (b. 1867) of Rockland Township, Pennsylvania on January 05, 1884. They had six children together: Laura Victoria Madara, John C. Madara, Charles Amos Madara, Charles Amos Madara, Irwin Wilson Madara and Jacob Roy Madara.

William E Madara can be found in the 1910 US Federal Census, Berks, Reading City, Ward 13, Enumeration District 94 on page 26a. He is listed as Madara, William E, 44 years of age, living with his wife "Lizzie", 43 years of age, with children Charles (21), Clayton (18),Irwin (16), Jacob (13) and Helen (6). William's profession is listed as Puddler, Rolling Mill.

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JOHN C. MADARA was born on April 26, 1887 in Reading, Pennsylvania. In 1908 he married Emma Kratz. Together, they had three children: Raymond Madara, Leroy Madara and Richard E. Madara.

John Madara is listed in the Social Security Death Index as having been born on April 27th, 1887 and having passed away in Reading, PA in January of 1969.
The Descendants of John C. Madara have been omitted for the sake of privacy.
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